Chinese Conservation Education Trust


26th January 2019 Epsom Chinese Association visit to Miranda

190209 Trace the history of Maori King Movement, visit National Wetland Centre, PYO blueberry 


190302 Tree maintenance, mulching

190323 Goat Island Marine Reserve and Omaha one day trip





































190309 跟穿上漂亮繁殖羽,处于最佳状态,准备迁飞的候鸟说再见 为什么称三藩市为“旧金山”,新西兰为“新金山”?我们来了解新西兰淘金历史 Farewell the migrant birds and see them at their best shape. Why did we call San Francisco “Old Gold Mine” and NZ “New Gold Mine” ? We’ll look at the Gold Rush history