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Repair Cafe Opening Schedule

Date Time Repair items Location
1st September 2018 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Household Electrical products HubZero 4 Ireland Road, Panmure
7th October 2018 1:00 pm= 4:00 pm Household Electrical products HubZero 4 Ireland Road, Panmure
24th November 2018 (Confirmed) 1:00 pm= 3:30 pm (Confirmed)

Household Electrical products and sewing

Pakuranga Community Hall

346 Pakuranga Road, Pakuranga

When are you open?

Next opening on Saturday the 24th of November 2018 between 1:00pm -3:30pm.

What can we bring to repair?

This time we repair electrical appliances and clothings, small to medium household electrical goods, but no bigger than a Microwave please.

Do I need to pay for the repair?

No. We evaluate and repair free of charge. We do carry some component parts, but there will be a small charge ($5) for each component that we replace and we do NOT repair if your appliance require special parts from manufacturer.

Can I leave the appliance with you?

No. We do NOT accept drop off or disposal services. You must take your item back with you.

Can I bring more than one appliance to repair?

Yes. But only one item at a time and you'll have to queue up again if we're really busy.

What are your repair procedures?

Please review the visitor's guide below.

Visitor's Guide
  1. We plan to open from September 2018, but please check with our social media (WeChat Platform, website & Facebook) to confirm.
  2. All visitors are required to report to reception and complete a short repair form. All repairs are completed on a First In First Serve basis.
  3. Your item with the tag and form will be brought to the repair technician. You can have a cup of coffee while you wait.
  4. Repair items are restricted to small ones. If you cannot carry the item with your two hands, it is too big. We cannot help.
  5. The work carried out in the Repair Café is performed free of charge on a voluntary basis by our repair technicians. Visitors offering broken items for repair do so at their own risk. Repair technicians are entitled to refuse to repair certain objects.

Repair, drinks and biscuits are all free. Donations are welcome.