Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Conservation work is important and needs long persistent effort but is hard to see instant results. A lot of the times we need to have patience and even sacrifice to a certain extent. In this "instant" world, everything has to be efficient and to have immediate returns. To promote conservation concept and conservation education is not easy at all! However our "Global Village", the only place we can live on this planet, is now in a mess. Natural disasters happen every year and our survival is under threat. Preserving our environment is vital and needed to be done by all mankind without delay!

We are very lucky that we live in New Zealand, which is renowned for its environment conservation. Chinese in Auckland are especially lucky to have the Department of Conservation to help to set up a "Chinese Conservation Education Trust". Through activities we can learn about conservation. Though we can enjoy clean fresh air and nice living environment here in New Zealand, we understand that any environmental pollution happening anywhere in our Global Village, sooner or later will affect us. Nowadays we cannot only think and care for ourselves. Therefore we hope that you will spread the conservation message out, especially to those in your home countries after you have picked up some of the conservation ideas.

Though Chinese Conservation Education Trust has only been launched since April 2002, we have already organized several activities. The overwhelming support we have received has given us much confidence. We feel that we need to have a stronger tie with our members and the wider Chinese Community. With this web site, we hope that we can get more Chinese involved in our activities and learn more about conservation.

Chinese Conservation Education Trust welcomes your participation and your suggestions.

Estella Lee
Founding Chairperson