Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Hin Ling Estella LEE, QSM, Chairperson of Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Estella Hin Ling LEE has become a household name in the Chinese community in Auckland - partly through her regular radio broadcasts and newspaper columns and partly through the enormous amount of community work she undertakes. Estella has been instrumental in helping to bring the conservation message to Auckland's Chinese community.

Estella is a member and Trustee of many communities and service groups, including Auckland Conservation Board (member, 2004-2010), Miranda Naturalists’ Trust (Trustee, 2008-present), Friends of Regional Park (Committee member),Waiatarua Wetland Park Pest Control Group(member), NZ China Friendship Society (committee member, 2000-present), NZ Chinese Association and the Auckland Chinese Catholic Community (Chairperson, 2002-2008) and NZ Chinese Association (member). She was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in 2003 for the good work she has done. She sees her role as someone who bridges communities and cultures, be they Chinese, Taiwanese or Kiwi.

Trustee / Internal Vice-Chairperson

Sophia XIAO was born and grown up in Xiamen (Amoy), Fujian, China. She graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1998 with a bachelor degree. She has been in New Zealand for 6 and half years. She really enjoyed this green and peaceful land, especially South Island. She is interested in Public Health, and hope to improve everyone's health status. She thinks a real healthy people should be care of himself, family, social contacts, living style, and the natural environment. She has been a volunteer in Chinese Conservation Education Trust since Oct 2002.

Trustee / Public Relations

Coco Feng was born in Beijing, studied in Hong Kong

Coco moved to Hong Kong in 1979, immigrated to New Zealand in 1989, returned back to Hong Kong in 1995. Coco came back to New Zealand again in 2009. After few years of running around between Hong Kong and Auckland, Coco decided to leave the busy city and stay here permanently last year.

During the time she lived in different places, Coco saw all sorts of unnecessary waste in the bustling metropolis, all sorts of damage done to the environment, not caring for the endanger species, upsetting the ecological balance, she feels very offensive. Whereas here in New Zealand, most people are concern about the environment. They spend a lot of time in their garden. They love nature, enjoy nature. Coco is deeply touched.

From the work Estella is doing, Coco learnt a lot. She wants to do something for our planet. She wants to take up the responsibility as well. Conservation and environmental protection is not only for us now but also for the future generations. We must all try our best.

Now, Coco is also the president of New Zealand Chinese Writers Association.

Trustee /  External Vice-Chairperson

Barry Hung was born in Xiamen, China. He graduated from the Western Languages Department of Beijing University in the1960's, during the "Great Cultural Revolution". He had been a teacher in a northwestern Chinese province before moving to Hong Kong in the late 1970's, where he worked as a translator for most of the years. Barry and his wife were so deeply impressed by the beautiful environment and nice people of New Zealand during their first visit in the winter of 1994, that they decided to give up their jobs in Hong Kong and their original plan to migrate to the United States and came to live in New Zealand by the end of 1995. Since 2005 when he came to live in Auckland, Barry has been a volunteer involved in a lot of community work. As vice president of Pakuranga Chinese Association, apart from teaching English to his members for many years in succession, Barry has often organized activities and educational projects on environment and conservation and held all kinds of workshops and seminars to help new migrants from China successfully settle down in New Zealand, where they call it "my second home country". Barry is eager to contribute his bit to help promote the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and the mainstream communities and has made great efforts to achieve this.

Trustee / Treasurer

Helen Fu was born and was educated in Hong Kong.  She joined a conservation club in her secondary school in 1972 and learned about how important the nature connecting with us.She emigrated in New Zealand with her family in 1992. In this lovely country, she spent her first 15 years bringing up her two children.  During this period of time, she studied part-time at MIT on computer and did some volunteer jobs included meal on wheels.  In 2007, she got back to the work force.  Through some friends, she got the chance to know about CCET. Since then, she is happily working with Estella on doing the accounts work of the Charity Trust.    

We are lucky that in New Zealand we can enjoy the fresh air and clean water which are rarely found in some places on the globe.  With the heart of appreciation, She would like to give her time and efforts and do a bit for the nature.   

Trustee / Secretary

George Ge came to New Zealand in 1996, from Beijing, China, where he graduated from Peking University. After 14 years work in Ministry of Education, he worked in several companies like the Library Supply and Peace Software. In 2006, he stared to work in Department of Conservation as the secretary of CCET, and left the position in late 2008. His willing is to work in Chinese community to keep New Zealand always a county with the most beautiful environment.