Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Who We Are

The purpose of Chinese Conservation Education Trust (CCET) is to foster a love and understanding of New Zealand's special places, plants and animals. We are a group of individuals dedicated to bringing conservation to the Chinese living in New Zealand.

Why This Is Important

The Trust's work is vital. The Auckland region's population is expected to double in the next 50 years and will be strongly multicultural. This growth and diversity of cultures will put huge pressures on the values New Zealanders place on open spaces and special conservation areas. Already many areas of coastline are bare of shellfish and fish numbers are decreasing in the harbours.

The Department of Conservation
The trust is working in partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC). DOC's job is "to conserve New Zealand's natural and historic heritage for all to enjoy now and in the future". This means the Department is responsible for ensuring these special places still exist when our grandchildren are old.

The objectives of the Chinese Conservation Education Trust are:

  • To educate the general Chinese public living in New Zealand about conservation through activities
  • To raise funds for Chinese conservation awareness programmes
  • To act as a liaison with conservation organisations in Asia
  • To fund scholarships for Chinese to attend the Department of Conservation's ranger school
Our Logo

CCET's logo is designed by one of the trustees, Kenneth Wang. The green background of the logo, with NZ natural icons, represents NZ environment. The breaking portion at the bottom right corner indicates the tender nature of our environment is at risk. The solid words CCET and the full name of the Trust around the logo represent the solidarity and determination of Chinese communities to take action to protect and to rebuild this beautiful environment of NZ.

The simple yet distinctive square shape of the logo is designed for easily recognition across social and cultural spectrum. The logo is designed for the suitability of a wide range of applications.