Meet Our Trustees

Meet Our Trustees At CCET

Estella Hin Ling LEE has become a household name in the Chinese community in Auckland – partly through her regular radio broadcasts and newspaper columns and partly through the enormous amount of community work she undertakes. Estella has been instrumental in helping to bring the conservation message to Auckland’s Chinese community.

Estella is a member and Trustee of many communities and service groups, including Auckland Conservation Board (member, 2004-2010), Miranda Naturalists’ Trust (Trustee, 2008-present), Friends of Regional Park (Committee member),Waiatarua Wetland Park Pest Control Group(member), NZ China Friendship Society (committee member, 2000-present), NZ Chinese Association and the Auckland Chinese Catholic Community (Chairperson, 2002-2008) and NZ Chinese Association (member). She was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in 2003 for the good work she has done. She sees her role as someone who bridges communities and cultures, be they Chinese, Taiwanese or Kiwi.

Felix Lin, Trustee / External Vice Chair

Felix Lin completed his Master’s degree in 2009.

He now has 7 years business experience behind him having worked in a large business chain, with the last 5 of those years working with “Independent Living Charitable Trust”.

Felix is at present the Chairperson of the “Northshore Chinese Network Trust” and also the “Auckland Chinese Community Health Connect”, as well as being a key member of “East Auckland Chinese Health” and their working network group. 

Felix is also the vice president of the “New Zealand Jiangmen Wuyi Youth Association”.

He voluntarily organized a large group of young Chinese entrepreneurs to play badminton weekly for 4 years. He also completed his Golf coaching certificate in 2013, and has had his NZ Coastguard membership since 2017 when he started his journey of learning how to sail. 

In 2019, Felix joined CCET as a Trustee, because he now likes to pay more attention to the NZ environment, and he wants to learn more about how he can join in and assist with NZ’s conservation effort as NZ is now his home.

Susan Li, Trustee / Internal Vice Chair

Susan Li was born and educated in Hong Kong. After graduating from Sir Robert Black College of Education, she was a teacher until she immigrated into New Zealand in 1999.

In 2007, she started doing morning exercises with a group of Chinese elderly at Melville Park in Epsom. Seeing the need of the Chinese elderly to have more social activities and to integrate into the mainstream, Epsom Chinese Association(ECA) was formed. Susan has been the Chairperson of Epsom Chinese Association ever since. She organises seminars on health, safety, conservation and other information. ECA has regular weekly meetings when members enjoy activities like singing and dancing.

During the past few years, CCET’s chairperson, Estella has come to ECA’s meetings several times to give talks on protecting our environment, composting, migration of birds and exploring Antarctica. She has also led the members of ECA on several trips to learn about Kauri Die Back, weeds and also took ECA’s members to visit VISY, Auckland’s recycling plant. ECA’s members have actively taken part in the activities of Chinese Conservation Education Trust, like the Repair Café and tree planting days. After learning the importance of protecting our planet earth, Susan feels strongly about supporting the invaluable work that CCET does and is eager to help more Chinese to do their share to protect our environment.

Helen Fu, Trustee / Treasurer

Helen Fu was born and was educated in Hong Kong.  She joined a conservation club in her secondary school in 1972 and learned about how important the nature connecting with us. She immigrated to New Zealand with her family in 1992. In this lovely country, she spent her first 15 years bringing up her two children.  During this period of time, she studied part-time at MIT on computer and did some volunteer jobs included meal on wheels.  In 2007, she got back to the work force.  Through some friends, she got the chance to know about CCET. Since then, she is happily working with Estella on doing the accounts work of the Charity Trust.    

We are lucky that in New Zealand we can enjoy the fresh air and clean water which are rarely found in some places on the globe.  With the heart of appreciation, She would like to give her time and efforts and do a bit for the nature.   

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